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I've now updated the website AGAIN! to HTML5 & CSS3, It is now fully responsive using the bootstrap framework,
Meaning this will auto resize to any screen size on any device!
This is a almost a 1 page view, You click the link and it'll scroll to that section, Only ones that wont is the Downloads, They will have there own 1 view pages to speed up load time!
If you don't like the color of each section then just click the paint brush on the navigation bar and each section will change color.

I have added my own Hexadecimal converter as most online require you to use different converters, Plus mine is very simple to use, I've also update some of the information about Tinychat.

I've also removed all access to my programming books, I will make these available for download once I've completed the downloads page, So if you're forwarded here after a search then be patient and you'll be able download very soon.

Fun Stuff!

The Ball


The Ball 2


Drawing Pad










particles 2


Particles 3






Snake 2








Water Text





The Chat is full screen, You have the ability to add your Autoop and Prohash codes if you're a Admin/mod of a room and/or you're a Pro member, These can be found on the Tinychat website if you're logged in, Just view source and scroll down the page until you find the code(s) you need, The Autoop code is different for each room you're Admin/mod in, The Pro is almost always the same unless your IP address changes.

The Cloner allows you to add a profile name that may not exist or if it does then you'll have that for when other users click on your "Profile", Using this also allows you to PM users without having to sign up to Tinychat.

The chat spy allows you to take snap shots of people on camera/Mic without having to go in the chat room itself, It'll also tell you the number of admin/mods in a room, as well as chatters and followers, Also if the room is password protected it'll state it to.

TinyChat Tips

Tinychat hack:
Tinychat Capital letters & special characters using Wpe Pro, OK 1st things 1st, To create the packet,
Open Wpe Pro and double click a filter, You'll now have a new window "Filter edit" Now on mode click "Advance" and then Starting modify from, click "from the position of the chain found"
Now in offset insert 15 x 30's from 001 - 015, Next in Offset Modify you insert your selected name from 000, Say if your name is 8 characters long it would convert to 8 x 2 hex code,
ie: 1a 2b 3c 4d 5e 6f etc etc, If 8 characters long then this will go from 000 to +007 now you'll need to inset 15 x 00's,
Once that is done then click "Apply" and test your name out in Tinychat,
1st thing to do on Wpe click "target program" and select the plug-in container not the browser itself other wise it wont work, Select that then tick your edited filter and click "on" now go to a room and when it says enter name just fill the whole name area with 0's think its about 16 0's, OK I can hear people thinking "How do I get the code for my name"
Well you need to translate your name from normal to binary and then from binary to hexadecimal, Much easier if you can read hex as you can bypass the binary all together like me!

OK heres a example, I want a name like TW4T-H34D, ASCII to binary conversion = 01010100 01010111 00110100 01010100 00101101 01001000 00110011 00110100 01000100
Now, Binary to Hex conversion = 54 57 34 54 2d 48 33 34 44, The final code is what you insert into the filter on Wpe pro. I've now created and added my own Text/Numeral - ASCII - Binary - Hex converter, All in 1 as others online are rubbish as you have to convert numerous times!

String - E.g.: TW4T-H34D

Decimal / ASCII Value

Binary Value

Hex Value