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I've added everything you need to know below,
This maybe from the canvas effects or TinyChat's instant chat or room spy,
I still have my converter below to help change your name in TinyChat,
I've also explained how to do this to help you along with the process.

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Canvas effects

These are my canvas effects that have been created in HTML5 and JavaScript, These provide instant fun to any website, I will provide instant embed of these at some point.


The Ball


The Ball II


Drawing Pad






The Matrix


Particles I


Particles II


Particles III






Snake II







TinyChat Tips

Tinychat hack: Tinychat Capital letters & special characters using Wpe Pro, OK 1st things 1st, To create the packet,
Open Wpe Pro and double click a filter, You'll now have a new window "Filter edit" Now on mode click "Advance" and then Starting modify from, click "from the position of the chain found"
Now in offset insert 15 x 30's from 001 - 015, Next in Offset Modify you insert your selected name from 000,
Say if your name is 8 characters long it would convert to 8 x 2 hex code,
ie: 1a 2b 3c 4d 5e 6f etc etc, If 8 characters long then this will go from 000 to +007 now you'll need to inset 15 x 00's,
Once that is done then click "Apply" and test your name out in Tinychat,
1st thing to do on Wpe click "target program" and select the plug-in container not the browser itself other wise it wont work,
Select that then tick your edited filter and click "on" now go to a room and when it says enter name just fill the whole name area with 0's think its about 16 0's,
OK I can hear people thinking "How do I get the code for my name" Well you need to translate your name from normal to binary and then from binary to hexadecimal,
Much easier if you can read hex as you can bypass the binary all together like me!
Also if you're a keyboard warrior who is butthurt as I've publicly displayed all my code so anyone can create there own chat sites,
It's all my code you little childish muppit and is licenced using GNU-ver3,
You need to stop the copying of other users code, I know they're not happy with you and your bosting like you're something special.


I've now created and added my own convertor, This will all display the ASCII and binary values, But for Wpe pro you'll only need to use the Hexadecimal value.

String - E.g.: TW4T-H34D

Decimal / ASCII Value

Binary Value

Hex Value

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