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Are you having issues with your account not showing you're logged in?

For those of you having issues with being logged in on your account, then please read below.
I've tested this using Firefox, Edge and Chrome on Windows 10/11, MacOS versions (Monterey/Big Sur) & Linux versions (Ubuntu/Kali/Mint/Zorin) with it working on the browsers, There is an issue with Chrome on Windows 10, but that was about 12 months ago and has most probably been fixed now.
Install a cookie editor on your browser,
Open developer tools on your browser, then locate your cookie editor, search for tinychat.com and locate a cookie named "remember_random-number", then change the value for "Same Site" to "none" and remove the tick for "HttpOnly" and add a tick in "Secure", Check here for screenshots.
Once complete, open the chat page and refresh, you should now be logged in with your account showing.

As requested

Wpe Pro 9 is now available for download,
Just make sure you know what you're doing before extracting the file from the zip when you download,
This is for Microsoft Windows and your system may warn you it's a virus, it's not, but it is a hacking tool,
It's just very old, so you'd be best using this with an older version of Windows, I'd recommend Windows 7.